Policies & Performance

On this page you will find information about our policies and performance.


Quality Standards

PHE Knowledge and Library Services aims to provide a high quality, efficient service and to meet your needs with courtesy.

In order to achieve this, we will:

Correspondence and enquiries

  • Normally respond to enquiries within two days of receipt

Book and journal article requests

  • Process article requests within 3 working days
  • Supply article requests from our own collection within 2 working days
  • Update you on all requests taking longer than 2 weeks
  • Process book requests within 1 working day

Purchases and requests for purchase

  • Acknowledge your suggestions for new book and journal titles within 5 working days
  • Supply you with any resulting book purchases promptly

Literature searches

  • Supply you with a bibliography in a minimum of 1 working week
  • Supply you with an annotated bibliography in a minimum of 2 working weeks
  • Supply you with an evidence briefing in a minimum of 3 working weeks

Please note exceptions to these standards might occur during periods of high service demand.

Would you like further information? A more detailed version of these standards, including definitions, explanations, exceptions and methods of audit, is available. Please contact us.

As part of the process of developing and implementing these standards, we invite you to give us your feedback on whether or not the standards above meet your needs. Please get in touch with any comments by emailing libraries@phe.gov.uk  ​


Service metrics

We collect data in order to monitor our service activity, quality and performance on a monthly basis.
The data are presented in a dashboard format, as below.

Service activity dashboard enables you to see over a calendar-month period:

  • no. of unique enquiries received via email to libraries@phe.gov.uk or by telephone 020 368 20600
  • no. of document delivery (article requests, etc.) supplied and received
  • no. of literature search requests received
  • no. of KLS team hours spent literature searching

*Please note that the dashboard data may be compromised due to a recent change in systems and reporting*

January 2021 activity dashboard


If the dashboard above fails to display, follow this link to view the January activity dashboard.


Quality standards dashboard uses simple visual symbols to enable you to see:

  • Standards we are exceeding
  • Standards we are meeting
  • Standards we are not achieving
  • How our performance has changed since the previous month
  • Overall performance to date for this year

January 2021 quality dashboard


If the dashboard above fails to display, follow this link to view the January quality dashboard.


We know that statistics and standards form one aspect an overall picture of part of service delivery and performance, along with other indicators such as customer satisfaction and value and impact. PHE KLS are working to develop our value and impact measures – you can see case studies demonstrating the impact of our mediated literature searches here.




Complaints Procedure

Collection Development Policy 


Visual Annual Review

A 3-page visual summary showing the number and breadth of library services delivered, and highlighting the impact of some of these services.

This summary is based on KLS activity data from April 2018-March 2019, KLS user surveys conducted in early 2019, and Impact Stories collected between 2017 and 2019.

If the review does not display below, please click here to open the file.
KLS Annual Review 2018-19

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