Register of research studies led by PHE researchers

Public Health England (PHE) is a research-informed organisation that is driving forwards the provision and use of evidence for decision-making across the public health system. Research relevant to health and care is thriving due to sustained investment and new, productive relationships among researchers and those who would use their findings.

PHE researchers undertake research in areas that are relevant to PHE functions. These functions are underpinned by world-class scientific evidence drawn from laboratory and clinical sciences, behavioural and social sciences, data sciences and others. Further details of PHE’s commitment to research can be found in our Research Strategy.

The Research Register

The Research Register provides details of research studies that have been led by PHE researchers and have taken place since summer 2014. Please note this does not include research undertaken in collaboration with universities or other organisations where the lead researcher is not a member of PHE staff.
It will be updated every six months. Last updated: 27th November 2020.

Research Register: Details of PHE-led research that has taken place in the NHS
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NHS Reviewed Studies 23.11.20

Research Register: Details of PHE-led research that took place outside of the NHS
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PHE Reviewed Studies 27.11.20

Column Descriptions

The research register has four columns. From left to right the definitions of the column headers are shown below.

Study contact:   The name of the research lead and a link to their email address. If you would like further information about a study, please contact the person listed as the point of contact by clicking on their hyperlinked name.
Funder:      The organisation who has paid for the research.
Study title:

For PHE-led NHS research, the study title has a link to further study details on the Health Research Authority research summary page.
For PHE-led non-NHS research, the study title is followed by a short study abstract.

Subject Area: 

Therapeutic area that is the subject of the research.

If you would like further information about the research register or if you wish to provide feedback please contact Elizabeth Coates, Head of Research Governance.

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