Support for LAPH: Resources

On this page you can find out what electronic resources are available to local authority public health (LAPH) teams through the national collection of databases and e-journals funded by Health Education England and a collection of e-journals and Discovery Service funded by PHE. Resources include:


Journals and databases

The journals can be accessed by the LAPH Discovery Service or the NICE/HEE Journals and Databases resource. An OpenAthens account is required.


Search Browzine for journals available to LAPH teams

Search e-journals

Browse for Journals by subject             How to use Browzine

2020 New journal subscriptions list

⇒ Update – journal licence extension

We are extending the licences for a further year, the new expiry date being 31 December 2021. From January 2021 there are some additional titles added to the content as follows:

  • Blood
  • Epidemiology
  • Medical Care
  • Oxford University Press Medicine Journals collection – 122 titles


The Discovery Service

The LAPH Discovery Service is a single search across a range of content from multiple information resources. It enables local authority public health teams to search and access the 5000 journal titles currently provided by PHE, along with the nationally procured core content journals.

NOTE: For the best experience use Internet Explorer 11 or later, or an alternative browser such as Chrome.

How do I use the Discovery Service?

The LAPH Discovery Service is a federated search engine, and should be very easy to use. However to get the best out of this platform we have provided you with some user guides:

Discovery at a glance
Basic search using Discovery

Local authority public health teams can request a one-off training session on using the Discovery Service from PHE Knowledge and Library Services. A programme of training in finding the evidence is available from local NHS libraries for those LAPH teams who have arranged a service.

EBSCO Discovery Service for LAPH

Journals and Databases via NICE

Local authority public health teams can also access the databases and e-journals through the NICE/HEE Journals and Databases page. A comprehensive list of databases and e-journals is available here.

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Other resources

There are many other evidence resources available to local authority public health staff – from bibliographic databases to curated knowledge collections.

You can access the full list from the Resources section tab on the menu above (note: this section also includes PHE only resources not available to local authority public health teams) but some resources that may be of interest are highlighted below.

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Practice examples

Practice examples aim to share the learning from public health practitioners’ experience of developing and implementing public health programmes and projects. They embed local, regional and national descriptions of service practice or service case studies, bringing together public health practitioners’ rich sources of knowledge on evidence and intelligence.

Current collections:

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Current awareness products

Keep up-to-date with the latest research in particular fields of work. Current Awareness Updates are currently available on:

  • Healthy Ageing
  • Infection
  • Mental Health
  • Musculoskeletal Health

In addition to the above, PHE also produces a regular PHE COVID-19 Literature Digest and a weekly Behavioural Science Literature Report, and they are available in the Keeping up-to-date section of the Finding the evidence: Coronavirus page.

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Evidence briefings

Access a collection of Evidence briefings, which are summaries of the best available evidence that has been identified and selected from research using systematic and transparent search methods, in order to answer a specific question. Please note: These are not quality assessed or critically appraised; they are a neutral presentation of the evidence and do not seek to make any recommendations.

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Additional information sources

  • TRIP Database – clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care. TRIP Pro is the enhanced version and is available to LAPH teams, who just need to send their IP addresses to
  • NICE Evidence Search – provides access to selected and authoritative evidence in health, social care and public health.
  • Grey literature – databases and collections of ‘grey’ literature.
  • Local Government case studies – a collection of case studies focusing on innovative approaches used in local authorities.
  • National Institute for Health Research Evidence – making health and care research findings informative, accessible, relevant and ready for use for all.

For more details about information sources and searching tips, download our guide to Finding the evidence: Research support for public health teams based in local authorities.

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COVID-19 research evidence

PHE has created the Finding the evidence: Coronavirus page to help those working on the current coronavirus outbreak, to identify and access emerging evidence as it is published. It contains links to current awareness products, guidelines, PHE-led COVID-19 studies, evidence-based collections, support for finding the evidence and database searching, and information for the public.

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Managing references and producing bibliographies

Reference management software can help you handle references and full text documents, as well as managing citations and bibliographies while creating documents. There are many reference management packages that are freely available, including:

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