Knowledge & Evidence Specialists (KES)

Knowledge and Evidence Specialists are embedded in PHE Centres across the country to provide specialised local support to PHE Centre colleagues and those working across the wider public health system. Their remit includes supporting staff across PHE to identify and retrieve the latest and most relevant evidence, supporting staff in quality assessment of evidence and providing training in information, digital and health literacy.


Services offered include:

  • The provision of complex literature searching and screening for evidence reviews
  • Support and training in evidence based practice, digital and information literacy
  • Collation of new evidence, from research and practice, making it easily accessible and transferable.
  • Co-production of Evidence Syntheses, to support external stakeholders
  • The provision of a range of knowledge management interventions, through the provision of tailored and embedded support
  • Systematic identification and collation of examples of practice from local authorities and facilitating the sharing of the learning.

If you are involved in any projects that would benefit from the support of a member of the team, or would like any further information, please do get in touch with your local Knowledge and Evidence Specialist as below by clicking on the appropriate name.


Region / Topic  Knowledge & Evidence Specialist
North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber Ruth Muscat, Michael Cook, Sarah Catton
East and West Midlands Patricia Lacey
East of England Barbara Norrey
South West and Thames Valley Caroline DeBrun
London and South East Jennifer Ford
Health Improvement Joanna Wood
Knowledge Management Victoria Richardson

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